cov|er1 W1S1 [ˈkʌvə US -ər] v [T]
12 cover (all) the bases
13 cover yourself (against something)
14 cover your tracks
Phrasal verbs
 cover for somebody
 cover something<=>over
 cover up
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: covrir, from Latin cooperire, from co- ( CO-) + operire 'to close, cover']
1.) ¦(HIDE/PROTECT)¦ also cover up
to put something over or be over something in order to hide, close, or protect it
Cover the pot and bake for an hour.
She wore a low-cut dress, partly covered by a thin shawl.
cover sth with sth
Dan covered his face with his hands.
2.) ¦(LAYER)¦
if something covers a surface, it forms a layer over it
Grey mould covered the walls.
Much of the country is covered by snow.
cover sth with/in sth
The bulletin board was covered with messages.
The eruption of the volcano covered states as far away as Montana in a fine layer of ash.
3.) ¦(INCLUDE)¦
to include or deal with a particular subject or group of things
The course covers all aspects of business and law.
Are there any areas you feel are not covered adequately in the book?
'Exercise' is a word which covers a vast range of activities.
We need more time to cover so much ground (=include so many things) .
pollutants that are not covered by the Kyoto agreement
4.) ¦(DISTANCE)¦
to travel a particular distance
They were hoping to cover 40 miles yesterday.
A leopard can cover a lot of ground very quickly.
5.) ¦(AREA)¦
to spread over an area
The city covers 25 square miles.
6.) ¦(NEWS)¦
to report the details of an event for a newspaper or a television or radio programme
I'd just returned from covering the Cambodian war.
7.) ¦(MONEY)¦
if a sum of money covers the cost of something, it is enough to pay for it
The award should be enough to cover her tuition fees.
Airlines are raising fares to cover the rising costs of fuel.
if your insurance covers you or your possessions, it promises to pay you money if you have an accident, something is stolen etc
Most policies cover accidental damage to pipes.
The treatment wasn't covered by her healthcare insurance.
cover sb against/for sth
Are we covered for theft?
cover sb to do sth
He thought he was covered to drive the vehicle.
9.) ¦(GUNS)¦
a) to protect someone by being ready to shoot anyone who attacks them
I'll make for the door - cover me, will you?
b) to aim a gun at a person or a place where people might be, in order to prevent them from moving or escaping
He stepped into the doorway and swung the gun up to cover the corridor.
10.) ¦(SPORT)¦
to stay close to a member of the opposing team or a part of the field in order to prevent your opponents from gaining points
11.) ¦(MUSIC)¦
to perform or record a song that was originally recorded by another artist
They've covered several hits from the 1980s.
12.) cover (all) the bases
to make sure you can deal with any situation or problem so that nothing bad happens
Parents are already stressed trying to cover the bases at home and at work.
13.) cover yourself (against sth) also cover your back
cover your butt/ass AmE
to do things in a way that will prevent people from blaming or criticizing you
Doctors are concerned to cover themselves against charges of negligence.
He copied Stella in on the email just to cover his back.
14.) cover your tracks
to try to hide something you have done so that other people do not find out
He started to destroy documents to cover his tracks.
cover for [cover for sb] phr v
1.) to do the work that someone else usually does, because they are not there
Who's covering for you while you're away?
2.) to prevent someone from getting into trouble by lying for them, especially about where they are or what they are doing
cover over [cover sth<=>over] phr v
to put something on top of something else so that it is completely hidden
The female lays a single egg and covers it over.
cover up phr v
1.) cover sth<=>up
to put something over something else so that it cannot be seen
Her legs were so swollen she had to cover them up.
2.) cover sth<=>up
to prevent people from discovering mistakes or unpleasant facts
The whole thing was covered up and never reached the papers.
Mum is worried, but she covers it up by joking.
3.) cover up for sb
to protect someone by hiding unpleasant facts about them
They covered up for Kirk by refusing to answer any questions.
4.) to put clothes, ↑blankets etc over yourself in order to protect or hide your body, or to keep yourself warm
Cover up, or stay out of the sun.
cover yourself up
Hastily, she covered herself up with the towel.
cover 2
cover2 W2S1 n
12 under cover
13 under (the) cover of darkness/night
14 under plain cover/under separate cover
something that is put on top of something else to protect it
a blue duvet cover
a plastic cover
A dust cover (=to keep dirt etc off) hung over the painting.
2.) ¦(BOOKS)¦
the outer front or back part of a magazine, book etc
His photo's on the cover of Newsweek again.
front/back cover
an advertisement on the back cover
I read the magazine from cover to cover (=all of it) .
cover photo/shot/picture
(=picture on the front cover)
The cover shot was of three guys in army kit.
3.) ¦(BED)¦
the covers [plural]
the sheets etc that you put over yourself when you are in bed
The covers had slipped off in the night.
4.) ¦(SHELTER)¦[U]
shelter or protection from bad weather or attack
run/dive for cover
He was shot in the head as he ran for cover.
We were forced to take cover in a barn.
Three soldiers broke cover (=left the place where they were hiding) .
5.) ¦(INSURANCE)¦[U]
BrE the protection an insurance gives you, so that it pays you money if you are injured, something is stolen etc
American Equivalent: coverage
temporary medical cover
cover against/for
cover against fire and theft
6.) ¦(WAR)¦[U]
military protection and support given to aircraft, ships etc that are likely to be attacked
fighters used as cover for ground troops
7.) ¦(PLANTS)¦[U]
trees and plants that grow in large numbers on a piece of land
Once the forest cover is felled, rains wash away the soil.
With its spreading stems, ivy makes good ground cover .
8.) ¦(WEATHER)¦[U]
clouds, snow etc that partly hide the sky or the ground
cloud/snow/fog etc cover
Cloud cover in the morning should clear later.
9.) ¦(WORK)¦[U]
an arrangement in which people do a job or provide a service, especially because the people who normally do it are not there
It's your responsibility to arrange adequate cover for holiday periods.
night-time ambulance cover
10.) ¦(MUSIC)¦ also cover version
a new recording of a song, piece of music etc that was originally recorded by a different artist
She's opted to do a cover version for her first single.
11.) ¦(SECRET)¦ [C usually singular]
behaviour or activities that seem normal or honest but are being used to hide something bad or illegal
cover for
The gang used the shop as a cover for drug deals.
All that toughness is just a cover for his inability to show affection.
12.) under cover
a) pretending to be someone else in order to do something secretly
She was working under cover to get information on drug gangs.
b) under a roof or other structure
The aircraft is displayed under cover in the USAF Gallery.
13.) under (the) cover of darkness/night
literary hidden by the darkness of night
They escaped under cover of darkness.
14.) under plain cover/under separate cover
if a letter etc is sent under plain cover or under separate cover, it is sent in a plain envelope or a separate envelope
The bill will be sent to you later under separate cover.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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